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David Raymer for Arizona State Senate District 29 Welcomes You


I am the democratic party nominee for Arizona State Senate, legislative district number 29!  That's Surprise, El Mirage, Luke AFB, Whitman, and all the way down to Litchfield Park and Pebble Creek.

I will fight for your right to vote, your right for good public schools, sensible gun regulations, crime prevention through community outreach, immigration reform for hard working people, an end to the prisons for profit pipeline, and affordable healthcare.

I have been an Arizona resident for nine years. I first lived in Havasu and was a substitute teacher at that school district while waiting for my chiropractic license to be approved here.  Then I began working in the Phoenix are, first in south scottsdale, and then in west phoenix.

I live with my wife and children in Surprise and care about issues and problems there.  I will do my best as a state senator to listen to your voice and hear our concerns.

There is an attack on our election system and the right for mail-in votes going on, despite the fact they have never offered any evidence of fraud.  Mail-in ballots help millions of Arizonans vote, both democrat and republican.  I think Arizonans are honest, not crooks and cheats as republicans seem to think.  Eligible voters have a right to vote, without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops put up for the purpose of it being more difficult especially for working families, or people that are elderly or disabled.

Vote for me and I will be proud to represent district 29.

David Raymer for Arizona State Senate District 29

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